Don’t worry

I should probably be asleep considering I spent most of my day traveling. This morning I struggled with leaving home for month because I have never been away for that long. Mom reminded me to be a big girl, which honestly was hard to do as I choked back tears while going through airport security. I got to Miami with no issues. However, I mistakenly sat in the wrong terminal for five hours and realized it thirty minutes before my flight for Bogota was supposed to take off. I had to run across the airport, and I was a nervous wreck.

Long story short, God has a funny way of making things work out for the best. Because I got on the plane a little later than most, I arrived to see that a woman was in the wrong seat, so I ended up getting a window seat. Cool, huh? But even better I got to sit next to two other young women. One was a Colombian and the other was a Venezuelan who lives in Colombia. We laughed and talked like we have always known one another. They gave me much needed advice and even gave me their contact info. The oldest (the Venezuelan) could tell I was very nervous, so she kept telling me not to worry. I am so glad God allowed me to sit next to her on the plane because she also ended up helping me through customs, immigration, and finding my host family at the airport. She hated flying so anytime she got scared, she would grab my hand. I truly feel like God allowed us to be each other’s angels today.

Once I met up with my host mom and my agent in Colombia, everything felt surreal. I really did feel like I was dreaming. It is a strange feeling to leave what is familiar and come to a place that is totally different, no one knows you, and there is a language barrier. I felt trapped in a Spanish television as I sat in a room with complete strangers who did not know English. They pretty much completely relied on Google to communicate with me. I was able to speak some Spanish with them, and I appreciated their patience and understanding even when I said something wrong.

I was quite shocked with how much Spanish I used tonight. A man (Jorge) even told me I was doing well, and that made me feel more at ease. He could tell I was experiencing discomfort, so he told me not to worry.

They decided to grab hamburgers, and I requested only cheese on mine. It ended up with everything on it, so as much as I hated it, I had to tell them I wouldn’t eat it. They didn’t mind, and the host mom ended up making me a grilled ham and cheese. I probably made them feel awkward because I started crying to which Jorge told me to not worry. That if there was anything I wanted or did not want, it was okay to tell them.

Tomorrow I leave for Melgar for a few days. I am not sure if I will have Internet while I am there, so that is why I wanted to write tonight even though I am exhausted.

I am nervous. I am unsure. I am still excited, though. I honestly have asked myself why I am here because I have been weepy tonight. I’ll be okay though. No need to worry.

Cast your cares on the Lord, and He will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. -Psalm 55:22




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