‘Till the cows come home

No, this post isn’t about cows. Although, I have seen cows here, and they are incredibly skinny (which probably explains why I don’t like the milk here).

Anyway, you’ve probably heard the expression, “I could ____ ’till the cows come home.” Well, that pretty much says how the past twenty four hours in Colombia have been. If every night could be like last night and every day like today, I would not have anything to grumble about. I know, I know. I really shouldn’t be grumbling about anything because this opportunity alone should be enough to keep me pleased. Unfortunately, grumbling is an ongoing battle between my spirit and my flesh.

So last night after going to mall and eating Burger King chicken nuggets, I taught my first English lesson. So before you go on thinking it was some type of formal grammar lesson, it was not that at all. I am sure some days will feel more like school, but last night was a chance for me to kind of set the tone.

We watched the movie Coraline, since the both of us love it. We watched it in English with Spanish subtitles. Eventually, I will have her watching movies in English with English subtitles. I can tell she is nervous, so listening to English is enough for right now. While watching the movie, we would pick out unfamiliar words in Spanish and in English (I’m also trying to work on my Spanish). Then we would talk about those words and their meanings. We had to finish the movie today due to internet connectivity, but I was pleased with how that activity went. After watching the movie last night, we worked on phonics. To be honest, that is pretty scary for someone who speaks a language where the phonics are very different. In the English language we have certain sounds that are not present in the Spanish language. I could tell she did not like this exercise as much because I had to correct her often, which is totally okay and the reason I am here. As much as she did not like it, I could tell it was helping her. We did the same exercise today, and she seems to have already made some type of progress.

So I don’t care for public transportation. At all. I was one of those kids who rode the school bus seldom and for field trips. Well, I rode the bus for the first time here today. Not gonna lie, it gave me terrible anxiety but a wonderful view of the city!

Also today, we went to a science museum. That was pretty fun. I do not have much to say about it because it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but I still had a good time. I also tried fresh avocado from some street vendors. It was sooooo much better than any I have tried in the States. I hate avocado when I am home. 😛 We also went to a mall where we ate chocolate-covered strawberries with sprinkles. Seriously, why aren’t gourmet chocolate vendors everywhere in the States?!

Then we did lessons, and then I got to eat my favorite kind of pizza. PINEAPPLE. It wasn’t Papa John’s quality, but it wasn’t terrible.

The biggest treat of my day was getting to talk to my sweet Mama on the phone for two hours. Mama, if you are reading this I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, and I miss you dearly. Thanks for believing in me and encouraging me to follow my heart.

I know every day won’t be like today, and that is okay. I am here to learn, grow, and teach. Those things are not successfully done without difficulty along the way.

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

—Joshua J. Marine



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