Live, Laugh, Love and Learn

The beginning of this week started out rough and left me feeling anxious and discouraged. I was not for sure how the English lessons would go, and I was not sure how much I was going to thoroughly enjoy my time here. I did not want to feel like I wasting my time, my money, and other people’s generous donations.

I am happy to tell you all that my week is ending with me feeling hopeful and excited for the next three weeks that I have here. It is so crazy to me that I will have been here for two weeks on Tuesday!

So Friday’s and Saturday’s plans got messed up due to rain, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time this weekend.

I spent my Friday morning watching movies in my bed. It was nice to get some R&R. For those of you that may not see my Facebook posts, I have a bacterial infection. Thursday was the most painful. We went to the botanical gardens that day. It was nice and relaxing but required a lot of walking. So Friday morning I did not want to do much.Then Friday afternoon we had a three hour English lesson complete with practicing phonics, blends present in English but not Spanish, i.e. “ch,” words and their meanings, reading short paragraphs and the children’s book, The Kissing Hand, and watching the movie, Beastly, in English.

We covered writing, reading, and listening skills in three hours, so I was VERY pleased. I hate that she is so nervous to say certain words and sounds. She is scared of sounding funny-I totally get that. Hopefully, I will get her to a point where she is not so afraid of being wrong and sounding funny when she speaks.

On Saturday we ate lunch at a German restaurant (yes, German) to celebrate a cousin’s birthday. After that we went to Abuelita’s house for an afternoon of salsa and meringue dancing. We also ate some yummy cake from a local pasteleria here.

Later, we headed back to the apartment. The kids were listening to music on Youtube, so I suggested singing karaoke. It ended up being a great activity to get the whole family engaged with the English language. I sung songs in Spanish. Everyone else sang in English. I laughed so much with them. It was definitely the most fun I have had since I got here. 🙂

I also got to eat pineapple pizza again. Rad.

I love this whole family so much. They treat me like their own, and that has been the biggest help in my adjustment. They show very much enthusiasm in taking me places and cooking me new foods to try. I really can’t explain how perfect this host family has been for me, despite some annoyances and miscommunication.

I mentioned in my last post that I got to speak with my Mama on the phone. Since then I have also got to talk to my grandma, my boyfriend, my nephew, and my mom a second time. Y’all, it warms my soul to hear these familiar voices. I plan to make more phone calls soon.

I would appreciate continued thoughts, prayers, and vibes as I enter my third week  here: for safety, healing, protection from other sicknesses, and patience and wisdom as I teach lessons. I have lots of plans for the next three weeks. I am not sure how many of those will fall through, but I will continue updating via this blog and Facebook.

If you are someone who desires to travel, even if it’s just stateside, do it! You learn so much about yourself and others. Staying in a comfort zone will not give you experience necessary to better understand the world around us. Even on the hard days, I do not regret taking this leap of faith. You won’t either should you decide to hop on a plane and go somewhere foreign.

An unknown genius once said,

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”


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