Mi familia colombiana

It’s been a few days since I have given an update on adventures and lessons. The last two posts were written to clear my head. So here’s a run down of what has gone on since Friday!

On Saturday I learned over breakfast that I would be going with the kids to the other side of Bogota to visit with their dad and their dad’s parents. I was pretty thrilled about this because the dad’s parents are the people I stayed with in Melgar. I loved them and grew to be comfortable around them. It was their dad’s birthday that day, so I figured we would eat lunch, hang out for a bit, then go back to their mom’s apartment.

Well, I was wrong. Apparently, we were spending the night at the grandparent’s house. I immediately panicked because I had no phone charger, toothbrush, clean clothes or anything to put my contacts in. I know, first world problems, right? Well, I decided to try and not let it get to me because I wanted to enjoy the rest of my evening. And I did. So the lunch that day was fabulous, and we ate a very yummy cherry ice cream cake.

There was so much happiness and love. It was contagious.The best part is that they included me. I also loved that there was a cousin who spoke pretty good English. After the birthday festivities, I went my host sister and brother and their aunt and cousin to a mall to watch the movie The Secret Life of Pets. FYI it was in English with Spanish subtitles, because they don’t produce movies in Spanish for the cinema. I had a great time laughing and getting sick on popcorn and Coke with them.

I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary on Sunday and Monday, but we did have a great lesson on Monday. They are all pretty great, and I have gotten pretty good at selecting activities that are fun and still benefit her. Some things are not very fun, but I can tell her English is improving.

Our lessons always include working in a workbook. This guides me in teaching sounds and whatnot because I haven’t had classes for that yet. So honestly, this is me just trying things from instinct and what I already know to try and achieve the best results. There is a game that we play that she loves. I give her a whiteboard. I give her one minute to think of as many words that begin with whatever letter. This gives her something to try and improve on where she will see immediate results, and it also allows me to see if her vocabulary is improving. GUYS. She is also writing complete sentences on her own. I am so proud! During Monday’s lesson we listened to the song “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. Then I had her listen to it again and try to write down as many words as she could. Then after that I had her write down her favorite things in English. Then at random times throughout the week we will communicate in English.

Tuesday made me realize why sometimes in school, our teachers would choose to have a movie day. We went to two different parks today. The pharmacist wasn’t kidding when he said my medicine makes me sensitive to the sun. Who knew an overcast could burn your face so bad? I ended up getting sick from it, and I could tell my host sister was tired too, so we agreed to watch a movie in English in lieu of Tuesday’s lesson.

Each day I am getting closer to the family. I even took my shoes off in a relative’s house and cooked my own meal in the kitchen. My host sister and I have also started ganging up on my host brother. I love that I have got to experience having younger siblings. I also love that I now have a family here.

“Happiness is having a large, loving, close-knit family in another city.” -George Burns




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