One week

The last couple of days have been long and hard. I think knowing that I am only one week away from being on a plane back home has made time pass by slowly. I am definitely going to miss it here, but I have so much to look forward to succeeding my homecoming.

On Thursday, I got sick. Unexpectedly. I began feeling nauseous right before lunch. Awesome timing, huh? This is a culture where you are pretty much expected to eat whenever the food is prepared and at the table. Also, if you don’t eat fast enough or just enough, they assume you don’t like the food.

I knew I was risking something the moment I sat at the table to eat my food. The food wasn’t bad. The meat, however, was stringy and fatty. Didn’t help my situation. I was halfway through my meal, and then I vomited. I didn’t have to stop it. I was so embarrassed because it went on me, and it was in front of everyone at the table.

The day got a little better. I got a chance to sleep off some of my illness. Later that evening we went to a Zumba class. That was pretty interesting. I am not much of a Zumba-er, but I made an effort to have a good time. Then I got to eat a delicious torta, which is cake with fruit in it.

Today, lessons didn’t go like I planned due to a myriad of factors. I know that as a future teacher, I am going to have those kinds of days, even as a professional. It was still a bit discouraging since I only have a week left.

I have a lot to look forward to for the weekend, though. Saturday I will be going to a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for two of the grandparents, and Sunday I will be going exploring with an agent here in Colombia.

Tonight was the first time I have cried in two weeks. I am actually quite proud that I held my emotion for that long. Homesickness has hit me pretty hard tonight, because right now I am alone in the apartment. The mom is at work, and the kids are at dinner with their dad. I will be okay. I would very much appreciate your prayers and positive vibes during the rest of my stay. Looking forward to a good week!

“You can’t let a bad moment spoil a bunch of good ones.” -Dale Earnhardt


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