There’s no place like home

Wizard of Oz  is my favorite all time movie. Hands down. I can’t clearly explain why, but I had seen it as a child, and then it was the first big theatre production I was a part of. I guess it became something special to me right at the moment.

But I also adore Judy Garland. I also think that I can relate a lot to Dorothy’s character.

Just like Dorothy, I am a small town girl who desperately wishes to do something great, and go somewhere much grander than the existence I have in my quaint town. But also like Dorothy, I have had these experience away from home, good and bad, but there is something special about home that draws me back to it each time I leave. There is just no place like it.

For me, it’s the love I have back at home that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I have definitely missed the quality time with my family and friends, but I have also grown to love the people here like family. But no one could replace my biological family.

So I remembered that I haven’t updated the blog since Monday. To be honest, not a whole has happened. We had our last formal lesson on Tuesday. This wasn’t my plan, but different things prohibited a chance to sit down Wednesday through Friday. However, we continued informal communication in English, as well as, watching movies in English.

She knows a lot more than she gives herself credit for, and I am proud of the progress she has made in such a short time.

On Thursday, we went to the gold museum and shopping. This was an especially fun day. The gold museum was beautiful and interesting, and being in that part of the city was pretty cool.

I saw some things that I had not yet seen while here that broke my heart. I saw a lot of homeless people sleeping in the streets and begging for money. The sight that tugged at my heart the most was a little girl holding her little brother asking for help, no parents to be seen.

So Friday was a wonderful day. I started off kind of sad that it was my last day, but I was also excited to make the most of it. It didn’t begin as an extraordinary day. In fact, we lounged around during the morning then walked to the grandmother’s house for lunch. After a typical Colombian lunch, we went upstairs and watched a few movies.

Then the magic of the night happened. Y’all I couldn’t have planned a better last night here. They ordered American-styled pepperoni pizza and bought me a tres leches cake with the message, “We will miss you” on it. We had a great time. Then two of the aunts and my host brother got me in the car for a surprise.

They took me on a drive up to a mountain to catch a beautiful view of the city. It was breathtaking, and it provided me a great spot to meditate on my month here and pray over the city.

The car ride there and back was also a joy because we danced and sang in the car, not caring who could see us. Seriously, such a fun night.

When I got back to the apartment, I had planned on packing. I ended up getting some more quality time in with the family. The mom had a few friends over. They did their own thing, so I lied in bed with my host siblings and a friend of theirs and watched movies. I loved it because we watched a scary movie, so they were all cuddled up to me. I love being cuddled by kids, even if one is 14 and the other two are 12. 😛 My host sister and her friend also kept me company while I packed at 2am.

I have full of a lot of different emotions right now. Sad because I have to leave these people, but overjoyed because I get to see my family, friends, and boyfriend. They already told me they wanted me to come back, so I guess in a couple of years I will be making another trip here, but maybe not for a whole month.

Thanks again to all who made this trip possible. I can’t name everyone specifically because I really did have an overwhelming support. Thanks to those that have prayed, donated your money, and those that donated time and effort to host a show to benefit my trip.

Next time I write on here, I will be in the US! Unfortunately, I can’t click my heels three times to get there, so tomorrow will be a long day of traveling. Hasta luego, Colombia. I may be leaving you tomorrow, but you won’t leave my heart. ❤

“If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home.”  -Malala Yousafzai




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